Hello, my lovely followers! I have decided to do a giveaway of the jewelry I have been making! In celebration of my followers, getting a new laptop & starting a store (well, about to be!) Yay! The giveaway is actually quite late, but I’m actually quite glad I waited because I’m able to give you some quality things I’ve made myself. To me, that’s more special & personal. 

About the giveaway! 

I will ship anywhere, free. There will be ONE winner. The winner will be chosen randomly, using one of those nifty sites. I haven’t chosen one yet. I’ll post which one I’m using soon. The giveaway will end Sunday, March 23rd. 

About the items! The necklace is silver plated, the earring hooks are 14k white gold. Good for those who can’t wear the fake stuff! As for the charms, I believe their just some sort of metal, possibly alloy. The one on the left is glass. The beads on the bracelet are mostly made of glass.

Here are the rules!

  • You must be following me. I will check. (queer0fhearts) (I might do one not just for followers in the future, who knows)
  • No giveaway blogs, of course.
  • Only reblogs count.
  • No more than 2 reblogs, please! (you’ll be put in twice!)

Anything else you would like to know, please feel free to invade my ask here! I’ll tack on my store link once it’s set up which should be in a matter of days!

Check out my giveaway, guys! :D

Hey there guys! I’m SOOO sorry for my absence! I finally have a new laptop! HALLELUJAH! Haha. Also! I’m doing a DIY jewelry givaway on my personal blog! I’ll reblog it! I’ll post some RoyEd later! :D

Love you guys, thanks for staying with me :’3